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Clairview VA

Intelligent Video Analytics

Clairview® VA is a Video Analytics Software and is to enable to be compatible with built-in VA cameras and server based VA modules. So, Clairview® VA applies to a variety of solutions and conditions effectively.

A variety of VA function utilize for the best compatibility and stability so that Clairview® all-in-one VA cameras is already compatible with all Clairview® products by Edge-device.

Product Features
Auto Tracking
Auto-tacking object though PTZ camera for the object detected by detection camera.
Obtaining valid video information detectable through tracing object’s moving path
License Plate Recognition
Extract & save license plate number from LP video
Interfaced with backbone server to be integrated with parking- violation notice & enforcement system
Server & Set-top Box
Optimum configuration design of VA fitting to user’s operation conditions
Support server & embedded types
VA Events
Appear & Disappear: Detecting an object appeared or disappeared in a specific zone.
Smart direction : Detecting an object moving four directions : up/down/right/left
Stop : detecting an object stopped from continuous motions in a specific zone
Loitering : detecting an object loitering in a specific zone
Abandon : detecting an object abandoned or added in a specific zone
Counting : detecting an object counted by the rules above
3D Calibration
Intelligent process of an object that is evaluated by speed, size and color based on the detecting filters like a size, angle and position.
Intelligent search
Intelligent video search by Meta data recorded and effective management
Enable security managers to search an event of specific conditions or a target object easily and even faster
Server type

No limits in the number of VA server installation.
Multiple clients are able to simultaneously monitor and search fast, and apply both edge-type and server-type VA solutions. Not only object-analytics recordings, but also normal video recordings are applicable to this intelligent VA service.

Intelligent monitoring
Real-time intelligent live monitoring over multiple cameras
Multiple-area setting & monitoring
Alarm output by events (Pop-up, sound, email, mobile, etc)
Instant quick backup, trace by event alerts
Interface with search client (Search event-alerts)
Intelligent search
event & object search with fast speed by up to 100 times
Simultaneous 64 camera search
Appear & Disappear
Smart direction
Embedded type

Linux sever system to be smaller embedded type, which is to easily installable in wider ranges of application markets such as security CCTV, children protection area, vessels, etc.


Live Display
Search Setting Display