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Clairview NVR IPX-ST series
Main Features
Optimized performance archives.
ONVIF Protocol support
30fps real-time record/play/stream at full HD resolution.
Interface of a variety of IP camera models and brand.
Simultaneous operational performance on record/display/stream/archives.
Proprietary video DB engine.
Multi-functioning web-client.
Optional mobile streaming server & client.
Failover & watchdog to cope with system error
Category 16CH 24CH 32CH
Video Input 16 IP Video CH 24 IP Video CH 32 IP Video CH
Dual Monitor Dual Monitor
Audio Input 16 IP Audio CH 24 IP Audio CH 32 IP Audio CH
Alram Input/Output 16 / 16 24 / 24 32 / 32
Live 1920x1080 4M 30fps 4ch 120fps 8ch 240fps 8ch 240fps
1280x720 2M 30fps 8ch 240fps 16ch 480fps 16ch 480fps
720x480 512K 30fps 16ch 480fps 32ch 960fps 36ch 1080fps
720x480 512K 15fps 32ch 480fps 64ch 960fps 64ch 1080fps
Recording Performance(H.264 or MPEG4) CIF 480fps 720fps 960fps
2CIF 480fps 720fps 960fps
D1 480fps 720fps 960fps
720P 480fps 720fps 960fps
1080P 480fps 720fps 960fps
H/W CPU Intel i3-2100 Intel i5-2500 Intel i5-2500
Memory DDR3 2GB DDR3 4GB DDR3 4GB
Chipset Intel H77
System HDD SSD : 64GB
HDD Bay 4bay (SATA 2.0)
ODD DVD multi
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
Gigabit LAN 1 Port
USB USB 2.0 (6port), USB 3.0 (2port)
VGA GT630 (HDMI, D-sub, DIV)
Case & Power 500W(ATX)
O/S Windows 7
Environment Operating temperature 5~40 degrees C
Humidity 20 ~ 70%
Size 480.2(W) x 458(D) x 177(H)
Power AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Product functions
Record profile
customize and register recording profile
assortment of video/audio & event, time and motion zone
Adaptive display
Automatically switch video streaming codec in multi-channel view
Monitoring live video at the optimum speed of the frame rate
ZEUS video engine
Clairview NVR is operated on its own proprietary database engine named ZEUS
Minimizing a commercial DB system for independently optimum process of video storage & management
Fish-eye camera support
Supporting 180 degree or 360 degree of view angle through API interface
Simultaneously monitor the both general view and the fish-eye angle by normal rectangle video ratio
AVI, DB Backup
PTZ Control
Mouse & Virtual Joystick Control
On-screen, one-click control
Powerful multilateral performance
Maximum 64channel display in single platform, Absolute time-synchronization in multi-channel playback, Speedy backup performance, etc.
Video analytic IP camera interface
(License option)
Full lines of video analytic IP cameras interfaced with NVR/VMS by edge-device
All the meta data of video analytics are fully recorded along with video objects & events that set by users
Utilize VA rules for search and sorting out the target object with own conditions
Video Analytic server module
(License option)
Loitering, people count, smart direction, intrude, virtual fence, exit, tampering, etc
Intuitive & advanced configuration table
Configuration auto-saving
Configuration export & import
CSV file import
Fire detection
(License option)
Maximum 40 channels at D1 resolution
Detecting fire for longer than 5seconds will trigger event alarm
Prevention system for secondary fire.
RETINEX image enhancement
(License option)
Manipulating a part or whole of light in each video frame by frame for best possible images
Letter line, WDR-cleared object, effects of back-light-compensation, etc
Smart search
(License option)
Connecting to VMS/NVR through RTP/RTSP/ONVIF without motion-detection interface
Simply set single or multiple zones for detecting
Automatically detects motion clips in thumbnails at X100 higher speed during playback
GIS Client
(License option)
Display space vector data on geographic map
IP CCTV video in connection with the space data & the set of icon for intuitively
Pop-up window by event alert
zooming -in&out of the map
Dual Streaming (Adaptive display)
Simultaneous process of both high (HD 720P, 1080P) & low-resolutions.
Optimum setting of the number of record and display channels for upmost efficient system performance.
Configurable in live and record
Auto-adjustment of live resolution fitting into a split display channel.
Device registering in e-map view.
Marking active status of camera, alarm on e-map.
Live display
Advanced Search & Instant Playback
Thumb-nail search
Bookmark search
Panorama search
Instant quick search
Time-synchronized multi-channel playback
PTZ One click & Touring
On-screen PTZ control by mouse wheel & pointer
Easy zooming in/out
Auto-touring by time schedule setting
Consisted of master – slave systems
Auto-forwarding of records into slave NVR from master NVR when an error arose in master NVR.
Decentralized architecture of system configuration is recommended to minimize network error.
Catalogue NVR IPX-ST series (KOR).pdf