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Clairview PVS

Parking Violation Software

Clairview® PVS is a VMS-based solution software for parking violation management in integration with related hardware devices, which is to detect a vehicle plate number with built-in LPR, trace the object with integrated speed-dome camera, store & transmit the vehicle information to authorities, and finally integrate with the authorities’ ticket-issuing system.

Major features
Vehicle LPR / database record
Auto / Semi-auto detection system
Compatible with Authority’s ticket-issuing system
One Click PTZ control
VMS system integrated
Major functions
3rd party LPR module (License plate recognition)
Compatible with ticket-issuing system of district authorities
Multi-monitoring support
VMS-based software supporting record/play
Auto & semi-auto support
Detection list search & play
Multi-layer user accounts
Pre/Post recording-time configuration
Full HD record frame control
Adaptive live display using dual-streams
Microphone support
Max. 32channel simultaneous playback
Instant search, time & date search, event search, timeline search
E-map, multi-view creation, device plug-in supports
Various video resolutions from CIF up to 5Mega pixel
H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4 codec supports
Screen Shot