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Smart Client
Smart Client

Clairview® SmartClient is a dedicated client tool of ClairView IP surveillance solution for users to easily monitor live video, search video, remotely play and manage NVR system over IP.

User is able to configure user’s own operation design of the client, set the client operation condition to be constant to the server’s, additionally support web & mobile-based clients as well.

Key benefits of open-platform same as Clairview® VMS/NVR is equally applied to Clairview® SmartClient, which are flexible to adapt new functions, more interfaces, and be customized to users’ operation conditions.

A variety set of monitoring view & configuration
Multi-monitor, two-way audio
Bookmark linked to backup function
Various video codec supports : H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG.
Support Web & Mobile clients
Various IP brands of NVR, VMS Server plug-in supports
Live & Monitoring
User’s friendly UX : Intuitive overlay, icon buttons & layout.
Auto adaptive display ; support efficient multi-streaming performance
Easy PTZ control ; One-click PTZ, touring, camera position synch.
Instant playback support ; Simultaneous play of current & latest video.
E-Map supports for the intuitive monitoring
joystick supports for the easy operation
Fast Smart search ( ROI(Read of interesting) setting, sensitivity setting )
Smart Search : Motion(Event), Thumbnail, Panorama
Max. 64 channel multi-channel search & play (Time synch. On/Off)
CUDA Technology supports
FHD 30Frame Max 36CH Real-Time Display (Live, Playback) -> Sub monitor
One Channel fast search & play ( No Frame Drop) -> Sub Monitor
8CH video enhancement -> Sub Monitor
Search/Playback by log-time
User’s log data backup
AVI format backup
User’s operation environment setting & auto-save
Configuration Data Export / Import
CSV file import support
A variety set of monitoring view
Smart Search
Max. 64channel simultaneous search & play
Timeline-show adjustment fitting to split view size.
Accurate time-synch in multi-ch. playback
i-Frame/Back & forward play
Quick search time
Quick time-line display & play start
Easy interval-time adjustment
Event search
Search by event type
Bookmarking in search result
Easy PTZ control
One-Click PTZ, Go to the center of action in the desired product image with a single click

Mobile viewer

Catalogue Smart client .pdf