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Clairview® VMS is to enable security professionals to architect an integrated surveillance system in pursuant to the security purpose & site condition, for Clairview® VMS is basically designed by distributed server diagram on multi-to-multi connections.

Limitless video channel integration
Distributed system diagram by core function
Various IPC model plug-in on open-architecture
Easy add of optional modules to basic package
Ready-to-interface with 3rd party system.
System expandability
Modular & open architecture system, supporting perfect server-client structure.
Limitless expandability of sever-client system, and total management server for whole system operation
Massive video data storage management
Applying proprietary DB engine (Phoenix) optimized for media data.
Programmable record profile tool.
Flexible record storage support ; Local HDD, NAS, SAN, etc.
Flexible DB system structure ; Decentralize or Centralize.
System reliability
Server-management : Watch-dog, auto-restart, system log management, etc.
Double server system ; record & stream.
Auto-backup scheduler
User-friendly live monitor & playback
PTZ control support ; One-click, PTZ touring, Joystick interface support
Search tools ; Time-sych. Multi-channel play, Thumb-nail, Panorama, Bookmark
Easy view-window creation, e-map setting, Multi-monitor support
Flexible system integration
Power SDK ; Flexible GIS, ACS, POS integration
Variety of IP camera support via plug-in interface.
Intelligent video analysis
Standardized meta-data DB support
Standard plug-in interface with various video analysis solutions
High-performance data base (Proprietary)
Proprietary DB engine, free from license issue.
Optimum performance via media-dedicated DB record & play.
Auto & Manual recovery
DB analysis & recovery tool support
Clairview® VMS - General system diagram

Product functions
Integrations server
Connect, control, and relay VMS servers
Integrate the serial connections of multiple VMS servers
Recording server
Receive and store IP Video data by the rule of its own ZEUS DB structure
Easily add, distribute and integrate
Streaming server
Stream the camera real-time videos and recording data to a variety of remote client
Effective network bandwidth management
GIS Client
Display space vector data on geographic map
IP CCTV video in connection with the space data & the set of icon for intuitively
Pop-up window by event alert
zooming -in&out of the map
AVI, DB Backup
PTZ Control
Mouse & Virtual Joystick Control
On-screen, one-click control
Smart Client
Utilize the full functions of VMS in the standpoint of remote administrator on the basis of multi-to-multi connections
Failover server
Substitute for the failure server that has system crash and recording problem
Guaranteed the stability of the system
Video analytic server
Forensic video search by VA meta-data rules
A variety of video analytic modules have been interfaced with either NVR or VMS.
Fire detection
Maximum 40 channels at D1 resolution
Detecting fire for longer than 5seconds will trigger event alarm
Prevention system for secondary fire.

Catalogue Video Management System.pdf