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Bridge Safety / 교량안전시스템

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Key Point

The solution provides operator with monitoring scenario fitting to a certain operation site in such a condition as appearing an unexpected object, occurring an emergent situation. Therefore, it’s enabling operator to customize object detection/trace optimized the situation.

Various operation scenario

Object appeared



Tracing the object till out of range

  • The event channel when single object detected shall pop up (Detection 2 + Trace 1)
  • Other channels remain in the view window.

2nd object appeared during tracing on the 1st target object


New Object Auto-trace

Auto-trace on the 2nd object Tracing the 2nd object for 15 seconds when the number of object is over 2.

After 15 seconds, trace back the original target.

  • Event video on the 1st target object keeps popping up for 15 seconds
  • Video pops up for 15 seconds on the 2nd target when detected.

Bicycle rider appeared during trace



On a sudden appearing bicycle rider during trace on other object, fast-moving object like this bicycle shall be nullified in trace.(Moving speed of object could be preset in configuration)

  • Some objects/events pre-specified in settings shall be nullified in object trace target.
  • If the bicycle rider stops moving, then the bicycle could be targeted for object trace.

When emergent event occurred


Object trace on priority target

During trace on original object, top priority trace on emergent bell box, life-save call, IR detector’s signal, stop of object movement.

  • During trace original target, videos located around the event spot shall automatically pop up upon emergent event occurred. (Cast monitoring)
  • In case of IR detection, both live video & the latest 1 minute-playback video shall simultaneously showed.
Intelligent video analysis (Tracing)
Key Point

Operating scenario of trace VA is as below, from spotting an object till disappearing out of trace area.

System operation scenario

Ordinary situation when no any event occurred.

Detection camera
Multichannel live video monitoring
Detection camera
Live touring
  • Detection camera

    Multichannel live videos

  • Trace camera

    Live touring within the area configured in settings.

  • monitoring assistance for hidden area where detection cameras do not monitor.

Object detection (Detected a moving object on the bridge)

Virtual detection area A moving object found
Trace camera start tracing the object
  • Detects a target moving object within the virtual detection area.
  • Match the nearest trace camera to the moving object
  • The designated trace camera starts tracing the target object

Object Trace

Auto tracing the object’s movement
Optimizing the view size : zooming the object.
  • Detects a target moving object within the virtual detection area.
  • Match the nearest trace camera to the moving object.
  • The designated trace camera starts tracing the target object